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INTERVIEW: the 2018 Harvest at Twee Jonge Gezellen

 We caught up with our winemaker Stephan de Beer to talk all things harvest.
How did you find harvest this ...

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Night Harvest at Twee Jonge Gezellen

Once a year, under the light of the moon and stars… we harvest our grapes at night for the Krone ...

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Talking the 2017 harvest with winemaker Stephan de Beer

Since the early 1980s we’ve been harvesting at night. This approach is a way to preserve grape quality as well ...

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Michelangelo Gold for Krone Rosé Cuvée Brut 2015!

With a record number of 1829 entries, it is no mean feat that the Krone Rosé Cuvée Brut 2015 walked ...

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The Krone R.D. 2001: an MCC that’s spent 15 years on the lees

The term R.D. means Recently Disgorged, and is the traditional method of selecting an outstanding vintage Champagne or Méthode Cap ...

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Twee Jonge Gezellen’s Spring Vineyard Report

The distinctive character of our wines finds its origin in the convergence of natural elements, sandstone soils and carefully nurtured ...

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The Phoenix: An Interview With Winemaker Stephan de Beer

The Phoenix is a legendary solar bird that cyclically rises from the ashes as a symbol of eternal life. The ...

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5 Questions for 5 For Change

5 For Change is an annual black tie fundraiser dedicated to raising awareness about 5 inspiring social enterprises which are ...

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Put a cork in it

All you need to know about cork harvesting. 

Cork is the most environmentally friendly way to seal wine. Unlike screwcaps, ...

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In an unexpected twist… the Krone Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2015 is the first wine in the Southern Hemisphere to be ...

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Tulbagh Arts Festival 2015: Dinner With The Artists

On Friday night, 11 September at Twee Jonge Gezellen we hosted a dining extravaganza as part of the Tulbagh Arts ...

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Krone & Koekedoor: Winner Announcement

A hot kitchen, country setting, layers of frosting and ambitious cakes piled high on wooden tables - you could cut ...

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FairLady Consumer Awards

The FAIRLADY Consumer Awards 2014 is a guide of the best household goods available. We’re thrilled that one of our ...

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