Krone became the first producer in the Southern Hemisphere to introduce the Helix cork closure which is the world’s first twist-open-and-close cork closure for wine. As it combines the heritage of cork with the convenience of a screw cap, it makes the perfect closure for the Krone Chardonnay Pinot Noir which is a still wine using the traditional MCC varieties. Helix opens and closes, with a simple twist of the wrist, thanks to a matching thread finish found inside the neck of the bottle and on the cork itself.


In the early 1980's, night harvesting was introduced at Twee Jonge Gezellen as a way to preserve grape quality and the delicate aromas and flavours of the freshly picked grapes. Continuing this tradition, the farm’s staff still rise in the dark of night to pick before dawn and the heat of the day.


A Cold
Fermentation First

African temperatures inspired innovation at Twee Jonge Gezellen with the invention of the cold fermentation process in the 1950’s.

The use of stainless steel tanks in fermentation was a giant leap forward in the practice of making quality wines in a warm climate. They are easily cleaned and prevent bacteria from spoiling wine. Fitted with temperature-monitoring metal jackets, they also allow more control over the temperature of the wine. Cold fermentation preserves and slows down the yeast in the fermentation process, assisting the wine in retaining its colour and fruit and keeping the wine microbiologically stable.

Africa's First
Underground Cellar

Twee Jonge Gezellen boasts the first underground cellar in Africa. Housed in pupitres (turning racks) the bottles of wine maturing on the lees are hand-turned daily in a process known as rémuage. Visitors can enjoy a daily guided tour of this historic cellar and witness the magic of Cap Classique forming in the bottle.

Creating Krone MCC

Méthode Cap Classique is a South African term which refers to the creation of bottle-fermented sparkling wines by applying the French méthode champenoise. It’s a complex and time-consuming process but the end result is a world class bubbly.

Creating Krone MCC

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