Why do oysters go well with Cap Classique?

"A loaf of bread," the Walrus said,

"Is what we chiefly need:

Pepper and vinegar besides

Are very good indeed--
Now if you're ready, Oysters dear…”

The best time to eat oysters is in the colder months. Not only are oysters plumper and sweeter, but also summer is the spawning season, and this can produce off-putting milky oysters.

The people behind the annual Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival know this to be true. That’s why every year in mid-winter they hold the biggest oyster bash on the continent.Our winemaker and team were there shelling out glass after glass of Krone MCC. Our entire range pairs well with the briny molluscs. Winemaker Stephan de Beer says you’ll even pick up notes of oyster minerality on the nose of the Krone Borealis!

‘Like wine and cheese, oysters owe much of their flavour to terroir, the specific environment in which they grow—indeed, oysters are the food that tastes most like the sea.’ – Rowan Jacobsen, in Geography of Oysters.

Oysters are joy to pair with wines, and in particular, Krone MCC. Why does it work? The bubbles from the Cap Classique with the flinty notes from the Chardonnay base help to accent the mineral qualities of oysters. The pairing has a fresh flavour, reminiscent of the sea. With more aged examples, like The Phoenix ,pair it with baked or grilled oysters for a rich and buttery taste sensation.

How to conduct an oyster and MCC pairing
1. Similar to tasting wine, first smell the MCC’s aroma. Then take a small sip and observe its flavours.
2. Use a small fork or your finger to gently release the oyster from its shell.
3. Raise the oyster shell to your lips, tilt back, sip the liquor and let the oyster slide into your mouth.
4. Chew the oyster for the full flavour and texture experience. The longer you chew, the more sweetness and flavours you’ll discover.
5. Before or after swallowing the oyster, take another small sip of MCC. Swirl the bubbles around in your mouth and observe how the flavours work with each other.

* Instructions via www.inahalfshell.com



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