The Guild Group has opened GUILD, a flagship design destination in The Silo District. We recently poured Krone MCC at the launch of Andile Dyalvane’s solo exhibition here as well as in celebration for an installation by WallpaperSTORE*

We talk to Tammy Tinker, who is the Creative Director for The Guild Group. She works across all its design-related brands, from the Southern Guild to the GUILD Store.


“I am South African, but lived in the UK for 10 years from the age of 18, where I worked in editorial publishing, finally making my way to British Vogue. When I returned to Cape Town, I was eager to use all the knowledge I had gained abroad to make a shift in the industry at home, and so I transitioned from magazines into retail as the creative director of Merchants on Long. Founder Hanneli Rupert was extremely influential in my introduction to all things African, and ignited my passion to work with African designers. A few other steps and hops later, I found myself as Creative Director of The Guild Group, where I have been working on collaborative design projects and product to launch GUILD at the new Silo District at the V&A Waterfront.”

Can you elaborate on your move to The Silo District?

GUILD opened at the Waterfront Silo District in June. It made perfect sense for us to do this. The Zeitz MOCAA is a real game changer for the art and design industry in this country, and happens to be a few feet away from GUILD, welcoming thousands of art-lovers a year. The fact that the V&A Waterfront is the most-visited venue on the African continent (more so than the pyramids in Egypt!) makes for the perfect location for a store and gallery such as ours, where we hope to educate more visitors about the immense creative talent present on this continent.

What impression do you want visitors to leave with?

The aim is for GUILD to be an experience that lingers in your mind. We hope to take our visitors on a journey. Each item in the space has a story and, although it’s essentially a retail environment, we aim to share these stories and have people leaving feeling like they’ve experienced something out of the ordinary. African design has such a strong narrative, and the materiality and workmanship present in each piece of design product always elicits a beautiful response from visitors.

What are your thoughts on the South African art scene; where are we going?

The work that gets done with raw talent is so inspiring, and to be able to do beautiful projects with incredible entrepreneurs will always excite me. South African creatives have shown me that the sky will always be the limit.

Andile Dyalvane: please can you elaborate on his exhibition as well as some highlights?

Andile’s solo exhibition, Idladla, is a reference to ‘silos’ and the work done for the harvest, which feeds families and brings people together. Of the belief that this culture of harvesting the soil and tending to the land (as he used to do) has been lost by a new generation of urban dwellers, Andile has named each piece in his show after something relating to maize, silo rats, or implements that this new generation would not know the words to. It’s quite amazing how these contemporary ceramic pieces are able to bring so much age-old story-telling into our GUILD space. I love how Andile has been progressing away from open-topped vessels into more sturdy, architectural pieces of terracotta. He really is a remarkable talent. Even the drawings he’s done on our GUILD wall tell a story…

And on the WallpaperSTORE*?

WallpaperSTORE* brings together global design under one roof in Cape Town. WallpaperSTORE* has teamed up with GUILD Store in such a way that GUILD is, for a period of time, selling WallpaperSTORE* product in its physical space, while also having sent some of its own SA design pieces to WallpaperSTORE* to be sold online. This means that people around the globe have access to our GUILD Store product for a limited period, showing the world our design capabilities. The highlight to me is to see how exceptional local and international design look alongside one another.

What did you enjoy about Krone Borealis being the bubble of choice at the event?

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold glass of Krone Borealis while looking at exceptional pieces? The idea of something so handcrafted and considered and beautifully presented rings true to both the MCC and our design pieces. An ideal pairing! Enough said. We have chosen Krone to be our MCC partner for GUILD because we feel strongly for the company’s ethos of quality and beauty.

Photograph – Mickey Hoyle








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