Krone Brut Rosé & The Sensory Room at Jane Sews

Jane Sews offers functional and considered wardrobe staples, which celebrate artisanal design and a slow fashion ethos.

We were there to celebrate the launch of The Sensory Room in the newly opened Cape Town branch (the inaugural store is in Durban).

The Sensory Room was born out of a desire to engage with the products that we bring into our lives in a mindful way and we toasted in the concept with Krone Brut Rosé.

We caught up with owner Amy Venter to chat creativity and the future of fashion

Where does the name Jane Sews come from?

I picked up the second name Jane in early childhood and it’s since, stayed with me. I like the name Jane. To me, it’s a humble, relatable name; and holds a timeless elegance while possessing an unassuming quality.

The act of sewing is essentially the bringing together and joining of different pieces. In this creative network of heart and hands I’ve met so many inspiring makers and customers, and the most rewarding part of my job is the opportunity to cross the distance between these worlds. I think that there is a beautiful, unseen connection between every Jane Sews maker and wearer.

Your designs are ‘Inspired by nature’s authenticity’ can you elaborate on that?
Nature is fundamental, it never takes any shortcuts, and it does not hurry; yet everything is accomplished. I love that nature is always honest, always authentic and always moving forward.  I hope that every JS piece captures something of nature’s spirit by bringing design back to its roots, to the fundamentals of comfort and utility. We take care throughout the making process from the choice of raw materials used, to the selection of our colour palette as well as to our manufacturing techniques.

What does creativity mean to you? And how do you seek it out?
Creativity is a fragile thing and I’m learning that it’s a journey and not a result. It’s a constant way of being conscious in our surroundings, being open, vulnerable and curious. I believe that what we create is an outworking of that which we consume, so I tend to be more mindful about what I choose to bring into my heart and head. The process of noting things can alter the way that we look at the world and help us to become more aware of what truly resonates.

How was the idea for The Sensory Room born?
It’s my hope that every JS piece finds a treasured place while fostering conscious consumption. I wanted to welcome people into a calm and cosy space, where we make time to evoke the sense and interact with the items that we choose to bring into our lives in a more meaningful way. I wanted to present the opportunity to look at objects not only as a material value but also as an expression of environmental and human quality.

In The Sensory Room we encourage a grounding experience for customers by appealing to all of the senses. In this shared space we celebrate the collaborative, reveal our findings and uncover the stores behind the products.

As a team, we love sharing our journey with customers; we value transparency and hope to pay homage to our craftsmen and to women through the process.
After all, interacting with people face-to-face is one of the deepest wellsprings of human happiness.

What appeals to you about the synergy between Krone Brut Rosé and Jane Sews?
I love the elegance of this brand and the kind-hearted people behind it. For me, there was no better way to launch The Sensory Room than among good friends, and Krone Brut Rosé to keep things festive.

What are some of your favourite autumn pieces?
I tend to gravitate towards wardrobe staples that are versatile and functional throughout the seasons. My uniform pieces are made up of comfortable leather loafers (because shoes have the ability to directly influence the quality of your day.) High rise trousers and a crisp, white linen shirt. A relaxed-fit trench coat to lock in all of my winter layers in the months to come, an heirloom square scarf (vintage finds as the best) and finally a wool beret.

The Future of Fashion: what do we need to do as people to make it a more sustainable industry; can you share your philosophy?
It’s simple — if we treat every purchase as a vote, the way in which we shop will inevitably speak to a kinder and more empowering future for all.

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