Just in time for Spring; the Krone Night Nectar Demi-Sec Rosé 2015

Demi-Sec: a French term describing sweetness that literally means “half-dry”.

Demi-Sec is a distinctive style of Méthode Cap Classique that’s probably the closest in style to how the first famous sparkling wines of France were experienced a century ago: a time when wine lovers sought out wines that were rich and sweet in taste.

The Krone Night Nectar Demi-Sec Rosé 2015 is the blushing counterpart to the cult favourite Krone Night Nectar Demi-Sec 2014.

How does this rosé Demi-Sec differ stylistically? “It’s a blend of 70 per cent Pinot Noir and 30 per cent Chardonnay,” explains winemaker Stephan de Beer, “There’s more red fruit character in the flavour profile from the Pinot Noir.”

The Demi-Sec Rosé is rose-petal pink with aromas of fresh strawberries and cranberries and a fresh and fruity palate, finishing with a touch of sweetness. In the making Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are hand-picked in the cool of the night at the beginning of harvest season and only free run juice is used. The Demi-Sec Rosé is bottle fermented and then matured on the lees in underground cellars after which, prior to dégorging, the bottles are packed in wooden pupitres (turning racks) and the rémuage (turning of bottles) is done entirely by hand. After riddling and disgorgement, the winemaker’s special dosage is added to create the elegant, sweeter taste.

Stephan says the Krone MCC fans inspired this Cap Classique. “When the Krone Night Nectar Demi-Sec 2014was launched people loved it, and they kept asking for a pink Demi-Sec; and so the idea was born.”

Stephan thinks this is an all day MCC and should be enjoyed: “Breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner!” He says it pairs beautifully with spicy foods, such as curries as well as mature cheeses, fruit desserts and lemon tart.

Make Krone Night Nectar Demi-Sec Rosé your favourite go-to drink. Enjoy it anywhere, anytime… on its own or with food, for brunch, lunch or dinner: on a deck or a rooftop, at a picnic or around the pool, at a street-side café with charcuterie or Asian cuisine, or on the beach with a baguette and cheese. It’s also dreamy with fruit desserts or lemon tart. Enjoy with friends or with your loved one. After all, nothing says romance like a glass of chilled pink bubbles.

The Krone Night Nectar Rosé 2015 is widely available nationally in select liquor retailers and grocers at approximately R110 per bottle.



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