Interview: Krone MCC & Dear Rae

Jewellery designer Karin Rae Matthee of Dear Rae, draws her inspiration from her diverse South African and German familial heritage. Each piece is designed and made by Karin along with her handpicked makers at her Cape Town based studio. We were there recently to celebrate the launch of her latest collection, RUMI. We ask her about the synergy between Krone MCC and Dear Rae as well as on summer jewellery trends and all about her latest collection.

Centre: Karin

What inspired the RUMI collection – tell us how it came about?
The RUMI collection was inspired into being by my personal journey of connecting with my authentic self. Finding my equilibrium was a process of understanding a balance of polarities: feminine and masculine, power and vulnerability, strength and softness. The jewellery in this collection represents the importance of polarities in life and it is made up of strong and soft shapes, various colours, as well as open and closed forms. I stumbled upon this RUMI quote – “The meaning of life is finding the balance of holding on and letting go,” – And it just spoke to me. I knew that it truly encapsulated everything that I wanted this new collection to be about.

Tell us about some of your favourite pieces?
My favourite two pieces from this collection are the gold Poise earrings and The Knowing diamond ring. The Poise earrings have a light and spontaneous feeling about them and can be worn in various ways. The Knowing ring is an asymmetrical treasure with a soft peachy kite shaped diamond contrasted by a round black diamond. It represents many polarities and portrays a beautiful message of balance.

What are a few key jewellery pieces to wear this summer, and why?
Earring sleepers with dangling charms that can be worn asymmetrically with various collected charms. They can be worn everyday and stacked or worn individually. Dainty choker chains that can be adjusted to sit on your clavicle or snug around your neck are also part of our Rumi collection, and can be stacked and layered as you please.

What is it about the synergy between Krone and Dear Rae that appeals to you?
To celebrate an engagement we gift our clients with a bottle of Krone MCC when they collect their ring. We think it’s such a lovely way to mark and remember the special occasion. There is a beautiful synergy between the culture of Dear Rae and Krone: both products are handcrafted and represent a timeless elegance.

Did you always want to be a jewellery designer, how did you get started?
I have always enjoyed the combination of building a business and working with my hands. Jewellery design seemed like the perfect platform to express both these passions. I started exploring the medium of metal work when I was ten-years-old and have been drawn to the magical feeling of creating timeless pieces since.

How important is it to you that people support local designers?
Handcrafting our products locally is a very important driving force behind Dear Rae. We exhibit this whole process to the public when they visit our shop, and we feel that educating the consumer about how things are made is a big part of our culture.  It also gives the customer the satisfaction that they are supporting a local market that helps build the South African economy. I believe that empowering, educating and employing locals in a open and nurturing environment helps to create more healthy individuals, therefore building stronger communities.

What does creativity mean to you?
Creativity means expressing your authentic beliefs into various mediums that tell your story. We all have a deep sense of creativity within us and the joy is in being brave enough to share it with the world.




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