INTERVIEW: the 2018 Harvest at Twee Jonge Gezellen

 We caught up with our winemaker Stephan de Beer to talk all things harvest.

How did you find harvest this year?

Harvest went quickly! We’re pleased as the fruit came in of the highest quality. The quality of the base wine for making Krone MCC is looking really great. The grapes came in with good acid levels, which is essential for producing MCC base wine.

We also started with our red wine production, which is exciting. I always look forward to a harvest because I get to experiment a bit and play around with ideas… and I like the smell of fermenting wine in the cellar.

What have been some of the highlights of this harvest?

Definitely working with some of the new equipment in our new cellar. I also have an assistant who started beginning of January who is helping me in the cellar from now on and it is great to have her on the team. Another highlight was making Chardonnay from two special blocks we planted a few years back.

And some of the challenges?

The heat this year was crazy. Everything else was running “lekker” with the new cellar. The biggest challenge I think was to get the grapes into the new cellar as fast as possible and into the cooling room. We picked more than double per day than last year so this was also challenging.

What is night harvesting, and why do you do it?

This is where we pick grapes when it is still dark and the grapes are cool and fresh. This is to ensure a good quality juice by preventing oxidation of the flavours by exposure to heat and sunlight.

Anything special happen during the night harvest this year? The Super Blood Moon was pretty cool to work under! Plus we had a dinner in the vineyard to celebrate the 2018 harvest.

How has the new cellar been to work in this harvest?

This was one of the highlights for us and we have been looking forward to harvest because of the new cellar. It works wonderfully smooth. No problems. We’re also working a lot softer with the grapes, which is better for producing MCC base wine. We also have a selection table where only the best whole bunches get selected for our MCC base wine.

Krone MCC’s new vintages (2017) are due to be released end of February. What can our Krone community expect from this vintage? They can expect the same freshness and elegance as in the 2016 vintage with a hint more fruit flavours in both the Krone Borealis and Krone Rosé Brut. Each vintage has slight variations.



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