Colour Field at Southern Guild Gallery

Colour Field, a new group exhibition by local artists and creatives, has opened at Southern Guild Gallery. And what could be more perfect than celebrating it with Krone Brut Rosé?

The Colour Field exhibition is inspired by the Colour Field painters of the 1950s and 60s whose paintings featured large planes or bands of colour that enveloped the viewer, abandon¬ing form and figuration to evoke pure emotion.

Figure and ground becomes one, with the space of the picture – conceived as a “field” – seeming to spread out beyond the edges of the canvas.

This group exhibition premiered bold new work by designers such as Tonic, Zizipho Poswa, Xavier Clarisse and Ronel Jordaan, whose approach to colour is immersive and transformative. Working in a wide variety of materials – including glass, aluminium, wood, clay, fabric and leather – the designers explore the interplay of colour with light, texture and materiality in contemporary furniture, lighting, ceramics and textiles.

Colour Field will include some relative newcomers to South African collectible design, such as fashion designer and weaver Nicholas Coutts, industrial designer August de Wet and jewellery designer Eric Loubser (who both participated in A New Wave at Southern Guild in 2016).



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