5 Questions for 5 For Change

5 For Change is an annual black tie fundraiser dedicated to raising awareness about 5 inspiring social enterprises which are changing the way Cape Town gives back. We were there to pour our range of Cap Classique, plus we donated a prize as a bid.

This year’s event was a phenomenal success and raised R200, 000 for the 5 beneficiaries: Bridging Abilities, Code4CT, iKasi Youth, Lumkani, and Township Roots.

Watch: A short video about the beneficiaries

We wanted to get to know these inspiring organisations a little better, so we asked them each 5 questions.

Bridging Abilities

Bridging Abilities was started in 2010 by Candace Vermaak and Toni Mould. Both women had a vision of enriching the lives of people with disabilities through sport and recreation. Candace is is a Biokineticist and Toni is a social worker who has Cerebral Palsy.

Your mission in a nutshell: To provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to foster personal and social development through sport and recreation.

How can regular people help bring about social change in small ways in their daily lives? By challenging stereotypes and perceptions about people with disabilities as well as getting involved in local Non Profit Organisations by providing pro-bono professional services or specific skills.

Your favourite moment from 5 for Change? Telling people about our organisation and seeing how people want to get involved and help bring about change.

How has 5 for Change impacted what you do? It has given us the opportunity to network with different people and companies. The financial contribution will also make a big impact on our programs and our efforts to change more lives of people with disabilities.

The future holds… We hope to increase the frequency of our Sports and Recreation Events to one per term as well as start with small community sport and recreation days. Eventually we would like to start weekend and weeklong sport and recreation camps for the kids.


Code4CT, a Cape Town-based program that introduces high school girls to coding and basic web building skills exposing them to opportunities in the IT industry. Code4CT aims to inspire and empower a generation of young girls with a tool kit of technical and soft skills that can be used for social change and to achieve high impact in the work place

Your mission in a nutshell: Empower young women to be able to leverage technology for social innovation.

How can regular people help bring about social change in small ways in their daily lives? Find ways to contribute their unique skills to a cause they’re passionate about—that way each one of us can make the impact we’d like to Your favourite moment from 5 for Change? Being surrounded by people willing to help out.

How has 5 for Change impacted what you do? 5 for Change is a great platform for building a community of people who can contribute to the vision of Code4CT.

The future holds… A time when African voices will be revered as they already should be.

IKasi Youth – Everyday Heroes Club

Founded in 2013 with the aim to inspire, connect and equip young boys from the Imizamo Yethu township community of Hout Bay, iKasi Youth has been empowering the youth to lead the way out of poverty.

Your mission in a nutshell: To create a replicable solution for after-school support that aims to inspire, connect and equip young Everyday Heroes from township communities across South Africa. The Everyday Heroes Club is a practical, results-oriented, holistic after school program whose aim is to drive positive change in the Imizamo Yethu township community of Hout Bay. It provides a support structure and safe working environment for 20 high school boys, with the aim to help them discover and realise their true potential.

How can regular people help bring about social change in small ways in their daily lives? Focus on your own sphere of influence. Get connected with what is happening in your own neighborhood. Get to know your neighbours or connect with causes and organisations that resonate with you. Find the gaps where your passion and skills are needed.

Your favourite moment from 5 for Change? It was great to get to speak to so many people about our Heroes’ accomplishments. They are starting their own businesses and social projects through their work with Ikasi Youth and it’s exciting to see there are so many people willing to support and provide a platform for the young men we work with.

How has 5 for Change impacted what you do? Thanks to 5 for Change we will be able to provide learning tablets for our clubhouse. This is the first step in our journey of insuring that our curriculum and program is accessible and eventually can be shared with youth leaders and after school programs across the country.

The future holds… We’re so excited to have our second year of matriculates finishing up their school year and focusing on what their next chapters in life will be. It has been a great privilege to see these boys grow along with our organisation.


Lumkani is a tech start up and social enterprise with one vision: to minimise the loss of life and property caused by slum fires in SA and across the globe. Lumkani have engineered the world’s first networked heat-detector designed specifically for a slum/informal settlement environment and they seek to address the challenge of shack/slum fires in urban informal settlements in South Africa and across the globe.

Your mission in a nutshell: Mitigate the loss of life and property caused by shack fires

How can regular people help bring about social change in small ways in their daily lives? People can do this by advancing social justice as a daily practice and creating alliances with people and communities who are marginalised. Be it speaking out against racism, helping someone who is being taken advantage of or generally lacking resources can add immense benefit to society. Everyone should do a little bit every day to fight small injustices that perpetuate themselves.

Your favourite moment from 5 for Change? Meeting the team every other week for a catch up and then of course the final event!

How has 5 for Change impacted what you do? 5 For Change will help us get our technology further out there into high fire risk communities in South Africa.

The future holds… We are rolling out our technology with additional services, which will increase the financial security of millions of South Africans when it comes to the dangers of fire.

Township Roots

Township Roots works with both Township primary and high school learners, they run educational and physical initiatives for students in at-risk communities. Their goal is to promote safe, free, fun and memorable academic performance within schools, and to encourage the culture of excellence that we hope for in our young leaders.

Your mission in a nutshell: We aim to keep children interested in school and not drop-out before completing secondary school. We want to give township children an opportunity to succeed and envision life beyond the poverty stricken environment. Our aim is to make schooling friendly and fun for the township children. We run after-school activities such as literacy, performing arts and sport.

How can regular people help bring about social change in small ways in their daily lives? We encourage everybody to get involve and help us build this young organisation. We are looking for volunteers to facilitate our after-school programs (literacy, performing arts and sport). We are also in-need of administration support, media support and any form of donation is welcomed.

Your favourite moment from 5 for Change? 5 for Change gave Township Roots an opportunity to engage with the Cape Town community. This initiative is amazing for all social entrepreneurs; networking, experience sharing and media exposure are some of the rewards for social entrepreneurs.

How has 5 for Change impacted what you do? Township Roots will never be the same again: we have grown rapidly through our participation in the 5 for Change initiative. We have learnt a lot from this experience including: how to communicate the Township Roots brand. The funds raised from 5 for Change will strengthen our capacity and allow us to recruit more volunteers.

The future holds… We intend to increase our capacity and scale up to other township communities around Cape Town. Our primary goal is to have Township Roots activities in all 9 provinces.



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